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Interview with Renato Cazzaniga (from Bluecerne)

Made during the Sierre Blues Festival 2010, on Saturday 27th August 2010

Interview : © Bluescat

Pictures : © Bluescat

BLUESCAT : You're a band from Lucerne, the name of the band tells it. Can you explain how you met and started to play together ?

BLUECERNE : We founded our band in spring 2000. Not with all of the members we have now, but we stared after a group named "The Proof", with the guitar player, the saxophone player and myself. Now we act together for ten years and we're very lucky : we enjoy playing music.

BLUESCAT : Some people say about Bluecerne that it's the best Swiss blues band. Do you agree ?

BLUECERNE : Oh, no ! (Laughs) I think we have another example now on stage (Philipp Fankhauser). So, I think we're amateurs, but I think for amateurs we're a good blues band; Yes, for that I agree. But we are still amateurs and we have a lot of things to learn, so we will go ahead and gonna be better (laughs).

BLUESCAT : You've recorded a live CD at the Stadtkeller of Lucerne. Can you tell me about this club ?

BLUECERNE : Stadtkeller I fact is a music club in Lucerne for more than twenty years. Every fall, it starts in November, they have concerts. I think in Lucerne it’s the place you have to play. As a band, when you can go to the Stadtkeller, it is really a big deal in Lucerne. We really like to play there and we will have our CD coming out in January (2011); We recorded a CD the last couple of months, and we will play at the Stadtkeller again on the 15th of January (2011) to present our new CD.

BLUESCAT : Can you tell me more about this new CD ?

BLUECERNE : We made this life CD from the Stadtkeller, but since then we haven't recorded something. So we really would like to have a Blues CD in our hands, made by our own. We never  had a real album and a CD, we're a live band, and I think it's also nice for us to have a CD in our hands just to remember what we did and where we are now. So I think it is a point to say "That's where we are" and to see what we can do.

BLUESCAT : In 2003, at the Lucerne Blues Festival, you've played in a "Battle of the bands" against one of the best European bands : BB and the Blue Shacks. Can you tell us more about your concert "against" this band ?

BLUECERNE : Yes, this evening was just fabulous because it was a very friendly "battle". So it was not about fighting or something like this, but it was a lot of fun. The crowd loved it ! There was two stages and a bridge between, so we played against each other and it was a lot of fun ! It was like a boxing match or something like this.

Of course, BB and the Blue Shacks are not to beat, but it was also our fortune to… (laughs)… so we won this battle because we played in Lucerne. I think when we play in Germany together with this band, we'll go down. But anyway, it was a nice evening.

BLUESCAT : You came twice to the Geneva Blues Summit. Can you explain me why ?

BLUECERNE : Because we met a great friend of us, it is Laurent Gilliéron. We met him on a concert. I don't remember where it was but after that we had contacts every two or three months. We like the same music. And then he founded his festival in Geneva and he invited us. We like to go there. He is very friendly, he's taking care of the musicians very very good. Yes, he's a very good friend of us. So that's the reason we go to Geneva to play.

BLUESCAT : In the French part of Switzerland, the Blues is not really popular. How is it in the German part of Switzerland ?

BLUECERNE : Yes, I think it is like this. But, we have the Lucerne Blues Festival, we have Blue Balls Festival, we have a lot of festivals so even also the young people can listen to this music and maybe became fans and start to play music of the same style. But when we play in Geneva, the crowd who is there really like this music. So if we go to Geneva to play once again, we hope the scene will be bigger (laughs)

BLUESCAT : Can you talk about a Swiss blues artist/band you know and admire ?

BLUECERNE : That's hard. For me, my biggest Swiss blues musician is our guitar player. I really like Roli Mosimann playing guitar, so I'm his biggest fan and I really like him.

BLUESCAT : If you could make a wish, what could it be ?

BLUECERNE : A big wish would be to go on with the band. You know, at our age, sometimes it is really…. We have families, we have children and everything, and I hope we can keep together, and go on with our music : learn, listen and just go ahead with this band because they're all really good friends. My biggest wish is just to keep on.

BLUESCAT : So I wish you to go on in the most beautiful way.

BLUECERNE : Thank you so much.

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