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[September 07th 2010]

Sierre Blues Festival

Feedback on the Sierre Blues Festival

The second edition of the Sierra Blues Festival was held from 26th to 29th August 2010.

At the time of this writing, that is to say ten days later, we still have eyes and ears full of Blue notes because happiness was complete.It must be said that the organizers have done great things for the benefit of everyone.

Let's start with a very balanced program of concerts which has beautifully alternated the biggest names in Blues (Rick Estrin & the Nightcats, Philipp Fankhauser, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Canned Heat) with Americans (Sherman Robertson, Sharrie Williams, Davina & The Vagabonds, Trampled Under Foot, Shakura S'Aida) Swiss (Bluecerne, Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers, Blue Mojo, The Z-Bros) , Italian (Egidio Juke

Ingala), French (Rod Barthet, Mountain Men), Canadian (JW-Jones) and Norwegian

(Bjorn Berge) artists.

The list is not exhaustive since it is not less than 30 bands that have succeeded for more than 60 concerts on the two festival stages, and on the terraces of the Cafés of Sierre for the Off festival.

Let's continue the sound: we rarely have listened to concerts with a sound so perfect. Wherever we may have been on the festival, we were able to clearly listen to the concerts.

The atmosphere and the reception were particularly cared. Several bars across the site of the festival interspersed with stands of impeccably fresh food, kept by traders from the region of Sierre, ranging from the traditional sausage dishes via India and China to the traditional swiss raclette.

In addition, for those who wanted to be pampered (with a surcharge on ticket prices) a VIP area on the first floor of the tent next to the big stage allowed to take a little height to watch the concerts.

Finally, a special mention to the wonderful family day on Sunday : during the night from Saturday to Sunday, the plaine Bellevue has been transformed into a paradise for children with carousels, bouncy castles and a drawing contest. For the adults a Gospel Mass accompanied by Sharrie Williams and the Wiseguys, and a few more concerts were programmed. All generously provided by the organizers of the festival as the entry was free on Sunday.

© Philippe ReySome impressions about the most important : the concerts. For our part, on the big stage, the artists who have made us the greatest impression were: Rick Estrin who confirmed once again with his Nightcats to be one of the best Blues musicians capable at the same time to entertain us with their inimitable stage presence; In the same vein of "Jump Blues we appreciated the excellent performance of the Italian Egidio Juke Ingala; Sherman Robertson has meanwhile managed to give us warm (it was 1am and the wind blowing) with his powerful and hot blues-funk Finally, a big applause for Sharrie Williams whose faith and generosity amazed us not only for her highly energetic concert, but also at the Gospel Mass of Sunday morning which was a great moment of emotion, tenderness and sharing.

On the "Village" stage (the small stage), the heat and the talent of Rod Barthet and Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers have delighted us.

It only remains us to wish a long life to the Sierra Blues Festival, and hope that it will grow to be even more beautiful next year, in order to celebrate the Blues once again all together for a 3rd edition.

We've had the opportunity to interview some artists : 

These interviews will be available gradually on the site, as soon as their transcription and translation will be finished.

In the meantime, you can watch, below, some videos and pictures of the concerts of the festival :



Pictures from Philippe Rey & Bluescat

Sierre Blues Festival 2010

To the pictures...



Videos of : Bluecerne, Shakura S'Aida, Sharrie Williams, Bjorn Berge

Sierre Blues Festival 2010

To the videos...

[November 5th 2007]

FNAC Balexert's Blues Promotion.


On October 6th, 10th and 11th, FNAC Balexert & Bluescat.ch purposed 2 concerts (Little JC, Walter Baumgartner & Lukas Schwengeler) and a lecture (Jean-François Mathieu) in the

frame  of the Blues Promotion for the "Fête des Adhérents".

Here are some photographs... Enjoy !

All the pictures of this diaporama © M.G. & R.M.

1 Little JC 01

[June 16th 2007]

Red Dog at the Artist's Pub on Saturday June 15th 2007.


Bluescat had already told you about Red Dog, this band from Geneva which had given a first superb concert last March.

For their second public appearance, Red Dog was this time at the Artist's Pub of Versoix. Once more this band which can combine professionalism and fun shared its passion for the music with us.

A communicative good mood, and a pleasure of playing which were shared during a show of more than two hours thirty. Again, they pleased us with the best songs of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Perry, Rory Gallagher, and some soul songs re-orchestrated in a Bluesy way so inimitable that they obtain a second life on stage.

After the end in the concert, Bluescat heared an excellent news that we deliver to you here: Red Dog will soon start to compose its own titles.

Here are some photographs taken by M.G., in order to share with you the mood of yesterday evening, and give you the will for going to listen to them very soon.

Their next concert: Saturday June 23, 2007 at 22h45 for the Music’s Party, Place Favre, Chêne-Bourg.

All the pictures in this diaporama © M.G.


[April 8th 2007]

DBT at the Artist's Pub on Saturday March 30th 2007.


DBT at the Artist's Pub

A concert of DBT it is a little bit like reading Marvel Comics: the day Daniel, Carlos, Jean-Luc and Denis are ordinary citizens that nothing distinguishes them from you and me, unless their extreme kindness or their cordiality (not so obvious in Switzerland) and a touch of accent which makes us say that they live closer to the Mediterranean than to lake Leman.

But in the evening, everything changes :  these four guy apparently ordinary are transformed into super-heroes.

Super-heroes ? Better... They transform them into Super-Bluesmen endorsing their behaviours of musicians of the band DBT !! And for our greater pleasure DBT was visiting Switzerland on March 30 in Artist's Pub of Versoix and on March 31 at the off festival of  the Cully Jazz Festival. It is at the first of these two concerts that we assisted.

It was a true pleasure of listening to DBT whose scenic performances are similar to their character: generous and cordial. In two long sets during which we could hear a majority of titles of the last two albums "Blues de Vache” and "Urbain Blues", DBT knew how to be appreciated by the public with strong compositions, a very good scenic presence and a generosity so communicative that Daniel Blanc did not hesitate has to leave his guitar to Jean-François Mathieu (Blues Extension) who was in the public this evening so that he could play twice some measures with the rest of the band.

This concert, this party, finished with a medley started on the title which made them known : "Chante en français". It should indeed be recalled that their creed which is to sing in French is also their priesthood since after the concert the members of DBT and their manager acknowledged us that to sing the Blues in French closed the doors of many clubs to them !

This way of seeing is regrettable because the talent is not a question of language nor origins. After having seen this concert, I can certify that DBT


DBT on the sides of Leman lake

is a most talented band, and that the programmers of these clubs do not realize of what they miss.

We wish you a good return to France DBT, and please return quickly for other moments of music, exchange and friendship !

[March 27th 2007]

Paul Camilleri at the Kick-Down of Brienz on Saturday March 24th.


Today is Saturday March 24, in the center of the German-speaking Switzerland, in the sides of Brienz. The weather is cold, it even snows a little, and the night is dark.

The streets are deserted, all is extinct. All? Not ! Look there, there is light in the Kick Down Bar: all Brienz is there to applaud Paul Camilleri who returns to play there for the second time.

It is 22h. Paul begins with "I ain't got time" (from his album "In the Middle of the Night"). Very quickly, the first songs of his new album "Camilleri 4" arrive, and "You don't know" starts.  

Generously, Paul will offer us of many extracts of this new CD, intersected with titles of his preceding albums, like two or three recoveries. And there, first snap: the album which sounds already very well in studio, takes all its substance on stage.


Tom Beck photo JDBlues.ch

The first extract, "You don' T know", appears explosive, and highlights the talent of Tom Beck on drums: powerful and hyper-precise rhythmic, he’s really at ease and shows it: not only being glad to play with perfection, he sometimes plays by moving like an automat, or sometimes while raising the eyes to the sky, as if he were the witness of a divine vision. And sometimes reassures us by touching the ceiling: not, it will not break down yet. "

Gets Better” follows, which this time reveals the talent Felix Mueller on bass : talent, control, and pleasure of playing. Felix smiles, jumps, moves with Paul: a festival of good mood.

Arrive the first moment of bravery of Paul on a cover of "Heard it through the grapevine" which enables him to dazzle us with a long guitar solo. Second snap, Paul is a fabulous guitarist! t ; -).

One believes to have heard everything about the talent of Paul and his musicians: serious error ! After a short pause, the second set starts, and there it is the third slap: more groove, more energy, more talent !

The public starts to dance. Paul is cordial with his public and dialogues with him, makes him sing.

And gradually something incredible occurs: the entire public of the bar (of which by definition a part is usually always a little inclined to talk during the concert, whatever its quality) cease to speak and concentrates on the concert ! The fans are charmed, and sing on the refrains. The curious ones are conquered. All have the eyes rivetted on the musical and scenic performances of Paul, Tom and Felix, and it will be thus until the end in the concert.


Felix Mueller photo JDBlues.ch


Paul Camilleri photo JDBlues.ch

Paul does not make almost any more pauses between the songs, which are connected as Ferrari speeds up on a circuit of competition. One believes that a song is finished : do not trust it, they restart once, twice, three times before really finishing.

Tom, Felix and Paul, offer us long and re-orchestrated versions of several songs, and new fabulous solos : titles like "Let my guitar talk", "We found love", "Jealous Man" or the sublime (and nearly impossible to circumvent in the world of Blues/Rock) cover of "Pride and Joy" is fabulous and will remain engraved a long time in my memory !

This concert, hotter than the flames of hell, will finally finish at the end of more than three fabulous hours, at the end of a 3rd recall enclosed by "Another Sad Goodbye". More than 3 hours of music whereas Paul sang "I ain't got time" in introduction... eh, more than being a prodigious guitarist, he’s got the sense of humour :-)

This "Camilleri 4" tour is fabulous at more than one title: With the time Paul and his musicians became virtuosos. The concert is a true show, perfectly prepared. And especially, Paul Camilleri is of an extraordinary generosity and gives himself completely for his public. If you have the occasion, go to see one his concerts of this tour that should pass on the French-speaking part of Switzerland as of this autumn. Bluescat ensures you that you will enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of Blues/rock that you’ve ever had the occasion to live !

But it’s not all, it’s now time to return to Geneva. All Brienz is still having fun while I’m leaving. This concert boosted me and I am not sleepy... unfortunately it seems that the police officers of Vaud neither... it will be necessary to calm down the game and to slow down! Good night.

[March 26th 2007]

Out of the Blues 2007


The second edition of the festival Out of the Blues of Samedan took place from January 11th to 14th, 2007. It was a success with 700 visitors, a figure which doubled compared to the last year.

The characteristic of the festival is to organize a contest for the young Blues bands. This contest is held in places as varied as a school of joinery, a printing works, a joinery, and the victorious group is rewarded by a 3 days training course in a music school enclosed by a participation in a Jam Session in a Blues Club, the whole in Venice.

This year, the following groups took part in the contest:

- Amanda e la Banda (second at the 2006 contest)

- Davide Speranza Trio

- Pig Boy Crabshow

- Grany Say Band

- Tea Spoon

Another originality: the festival was closed Sunday morning by an oeucumenic mass animated by Rhonda Dorsey, a big lady of Soul.

The organizers have only one regret : that this contest does not attract more Swiss blues bands. Bluescat relays the call : young swiss Blues bands and singers : register for the 2008 edition of the contest. You won't regret it.

Here are, for the pleasure of the eyes, some photos sent by the organization committee of the festival, which we thank cordially.

On Thursday :

On Friday :

On Saturday :

On Sunday :

[December 16th 2006]

Nominations for the 28th annual BLUES MUSIC AWARDS ceremony.


Click here to have all the details about the BLUES MUSIC AWARDS 2007

There it is ! The nominated ones for the most presigious Blues ceremony, the BLUES MUSIC AWARDS 2007 (formerly known as the W.C. Handy Blues Awards), are finally known.

The favourites this year are : - Lil' ED & the Blues Imperials, Janiva Magness and Michael Powers: 3 nominations - Nick Moss and the Flip Signals: 4 nominations. - Watermelon Slim & the Workers: 6 nominations, which is exceptional.

The ceremony will take place on Thursday May 10th, 2007 in the Cook Convention Center of Memphis. While waiting for the results, here is the detailed nominations list. Do your forecasts !

Acoustic Album of the Year

:: John Long - Lost & Found

:: Bob Brozman - Blues Reflex

:: Guy Davis - Skunkmello

:: Rory Block - The Lady and Mr. Johnson

:: Cephas & Wiggins - Shoulder to Shoulder

Acoustic Artist of the Year

:: Cephas & Wiggins

:: David "Honeyboy" Edwards

:: Paul Oscher

:: Rory Block

:: Guy Davis

Album of the Year

:: Charlie Musselwhite - Delta Hardware

:: Watermelon Slim & the Workers - Watermelon Slim & the Workers

:: Irma Thomas - After the Rain

:: Janiva Magness - Do I Move You?

:: Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - Live at Chan's

B.B. King Entertainer of the Year

:: Bobby Rush

:: Bettye LaVette

:: Tab Benoit

:: Watermelon Slim

:: Lil' Ed

Band of the Year

:: Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials

:: Mannish Boys

:: Nick Moss & the Flip Tops

:: Watermelon Slim & the Workers

:: Magic Slim & the Teardrops

Best New Artist Debut

:: James Hunter - People Gonna Talk

:: The Kilborn Alley Blues Band - Put it in the Alley

:: Eric Lindell - Change in the Weather

:: Slick Ballinger - Mississippi Soul

:: Dave Gross - Take the Gamble

Comeback Album of the Year

:: Andy Fairweather Low - Sweet Soulful Music

:: Chicago Bob Nelson - Flyin' Too High

:: Dion - Bronx in Blue

:: Jeremy Spencer - Precious Little

:: Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing

Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year

:: Marcia Ball

:: EG Kight

:: Barbara Blue

:: Janiva Magness

:: Shemekia Copeland

Contemporary Blues Album of the Year

:: Janiva Magness - Do I Move You?

:: Michael Powers - Prodigal Son

:: Guitar Shorty - We the People

:: Fiona Boyes - Lucky 13

:: John Mooney - Big Ol' Fiya

Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the Year

:: Kim Wilson

:: Tab Benoit

:: Guitar Shorty

:: Ronnie Baker Brooks

:: Michael Powers

Historical Album of the Year

:: Delmark Records - Live at Theresa's 1975 - Junior Wells

:: Delta Groove Productions - Larger Than Life - Hollywood Fats Band

:: Delmark Records - All Your Love I Miss Loving - (Live at the Wise Fools Pub Chicago) -  Otis Rush

:: Shout! Factory - Live at the Electric Ballroom 1974 - Freddie King

:: Shout! Factory - Hooker - John Lee Hooker


:: Bob Stroger

:: Larry Taylor

:: Mookie Brill

:: Bill Stuve

:: Calvin "Fuzz" Jones


:: Willie "Big Eyes" Smith

:: Sam Carr

:: Sam Lay

:: Jimi Bott

:: Richard Innes


:: Duke Robillard

:: Kid Ramos

:: Lurrie Bell

:: Nick Moss

:: Guitar Shorty

:: Hubert Sumlin


:: Charlie Musselwhite

:: Kim Wilson

:: Mark Hummel

:: Billy Branch

:: Big George Brock

:: James Harman

:: Mitch Kashmar


:: Deanna Bogart

:: Kaz Kazanoff

:: Calvin Owens

:: Eddie Shaw

:: Doug James

:: Greg Piccolo


:: Robert Randolph - Steel Guitar

:: Rich Del Grosso - Mandolin

:: Otis Taylor - Banjo

:: Sonny Rhodes - Steel Guitar

:: Guy Davis - Banjo

Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year

:: Mitch Woods

:: Marcia Ball

:: Floyd Dixon

:: Henry Butler

:: Dr. John

:: Honey Piazza

Song of the Year

:: "Icicles in My Meat Loaf" - Ed Williams, Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials - Rattleshake

:: "Hard Times" - William Homans, Watermelon Slim & the Workers - Watermelon Slim & the Workers

:: "Church is Out" - Charlie Musselwhite, Charlie Musselwhite - Delta Hardware

:: "Baptized in Dirty Water" - Chris Thomas King, Chris Thomas King - Rise

:: "Prodigal Son" - Michael Murchison, Michael Powers - Prodigal Son

Soul Blues Album of the Year

:: Frankie Lee - Standing at the Crossroads

:: Irma Thomas - After the Rain

:: Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson Band - Master of the Game

:: Johnny Rawls - Heart & Soul

:: Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra- I Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More

:: James Hunter - People Gonna Talk

:: Trudy Lynn - I'm Still Here

Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year

:: Bettye LaVette

:: Irma Thomas

:: Trudy Lynn

:: Mavis Staples

:: Sugar Pie DeSanto

Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year

:: Bobby Rush

:: Frankie Lee

:: Mighty Sam McClain

:: Solomon Burke

:: Jackie Payne

Traditional Blues Album of the Year

:: Last Of The Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen - Live in Dallas

:: Charlie Musselwhite - Delta Hardware

:: Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - Live at Chan's

:: Big George Brock - Round Two

:: Watermelon Slim & the Workers - Watermelon Slim & the Workers

Traditional Blues Female Artist of the Year

:: Zora Young

:: Diunna Greenleaf

:: Etta James

:: Nora Jean Bruso

:: Ruth Brown

Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year

:: Charlie Musselwhite

:: Robert Lockwood, Jr.

:: Big George Brock

:: Hubert Sumlin

:: Watermelon Slim

[December 11th 2006]

Blues nominations for the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Click here for all the details about the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony

Blues nominations for the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards were announced on December 7th by The Recording Academy. The ceremony will take place at the Staples Center of Los Angeles on February 11th 2007. The Blues artists nominated are :

Best Traditional Blues Album (Vocal or Instrumental)

:: Brother To The Blues / Tab Benoit With Louisiana's Leroux (Telarc Blues)

:: Bronx In Blue / Dion (Razor & Tie)

:: People Gonna Talk / James Hunter (Rounder)

:: Guitar Groove-A-Rama / Duke Robillard (Stony Plain Records)

:: Risin' With The Blues / Ike Turner (Zoho Roots)

Best Contemporary Blues Album (Vocal or Instrumental)

:: Live From Across The Pond / Robert Cray Band (Vanguard Records/Nozzle Records)

:: Sippiana Hericane / Dr. John & The Lower 911 (Blue Note Records)

:: Suitcase / Keb' Mo' (Epic/One Haven/Red Ink)

:: Hope And Desire / Susan Tedeschi (Verve Forecast)

:: After The Rain / Irma Thomas (Rounder)

In the other categories the artists the artists cumulating the greatest number of nominations are :

- Mary J. Blige : 8 nominations

- Red Hot Chili Peppers : 6 nominations

- James Blunt, the Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Danger Mouse, Prince, Rick Rubin, will.i.am and John Williams : 5 nominations

- Beyoncé, Bryan-Michael Cox, Gnarls Barkley, Israel Houghton, T.I and Justin Timberlake :  4 nominations.

[November 13th 2006]

Review of the Geneva Blues Summit 2006.

To see the pictures of the 3rd november by Jacques Dubler HERE

To see the pictures of the 4th november by Jacques Dubler HERE

To see the pictures by Michel Vonlanthen HERE

The second edition of the Geneva Blues Summit took place on November 3rd and 4th at the Event Center of La Praille.

The Friday evening was magic, and started with a good set of Lo & The Blues Cats from Geneva.

The evening continued with a phenomenal concert in two parts by R&B Caravan : this group coming from Austria/Switzerland has got a hell of a swing, and Norbert Schneider (27 years old only) is absolutely prodigious.

The second part of their concert, accompanied by Dave Specter (one of the most talented guitar players of the moment) finished with a standing ovation ! Finally, the magnificent Sugar Ray & the Bluetones delivered us a performance full of soul and emotion… There too, Dave Specter joined Sugar Ray to play some songs.

Dave Specter (photo by Jacques Dubler)

photo JDBlues.ch

Lurrie Bell (photo by Jacques Dubler)photo JDBlues.ch

The Saturday evening started with the concert of the Blues Rooster from Zürich.

Then it was the come back, following their success during the first edition of the GBS, of Bluecerne leaded by the charismatic Renato Cazzaniga. This formation from Lucerne, composed of 7 persons literally put the fire at the Event Center. Nice surprise, the big boss of the GBS Laurent Gilliéron, came up on the stage to play guitar with the group, in a really pleasant way !

The evening finished with an intense and emotional concert from Lurrie Bell (son of Carey Bell), accompanied for the occasion by Eddie Taylor (son of Eddie “playboy” Taylor), Joe Thomas and Kenny Smith. This concert, that brought us back to the sources of the Chicago Blues, finished in a musical apotheosis with a claim back during which Dave Specter and Sugar Ray joined Lurrie Bell.

This great human sized festival (what a pleasure to see artists coming to see their colleagues together with the public) took all it’s promises ! We can’t wait for the third edition !