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Track List: 

1. Someone like me

2. You

3. Too Cool For Me

4. Keep Playin'

5. I Give Up On Loving You

6. She's Back (For Another


7. Sometimes

8. As Long As

9. Not Of That Kint

10. Blues Music

11. Busy

12. Livin' It Up

13. Get Closer



Album Title:

Get Closer

Release Date :

April 10th 2007

Label :

Zyx/Pepper (ZYX)

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One does not change a winning team... or almost. Henrik Freischlader knows the saying because, except for a new drummer in the person of Dirk Sengotta, he kept the same musicians (Oliver Schellenkamp on bass and Sascha Kühn on keyboards), he recorded his album in the same studio (Jens Schilling's Klangbau), with the same sound engineers (Jens Schilling and Oliver Schellenkamp) for his new album "Get Closer". And the result is amazing! With the same team, one passes from the very rough an rocky Blues of his first album "The Blues" to a classy, clean and powerful sound, in the purest tradition of the Electric Chicago Blues, without being deprived of a "je ne sais quoi" (funky/soul influences on certain songs probably) which gives it  a true originality, and a unique style. One can without fear say that Henrik Freischlader found here HIS sound!

As for his preceding album, Henrik Freischlader composed the texts and the music of the 13 new songs of the album. But here the melodies gained in smoothness and melody research, putting still better ahead the dexterity and the insurance of Henrik on guitar as well as the flexible and precise play of Dirk Sengotta on drums.

Songs like "Someone like me", "Not that kind" and " Blues music" (on which Henrik invited Brenda Boykin, a great lady of Jump Blues) give us desire for pushing the pieces of furniture and for dancing. Inversely, songs like "Get Closer" and "Sometimes" (a superb ballad on acoustic guitar) give desires of tenderness and serenity. Songs like "Too cool for me" and "I give up on loving you" give the shiver so they “get closer” to perfection. Lastly, "She’s back (for another try)" is THE Blues title of the album: a "traditional" but always as funny text in the imagery of the Blues (a woman mistreats her man, leaves him, then wants to come back, which... and there I leave it up to you to buy the CD and the pleasure of discovering what happens by yourself), pretext for 9 minutes 40 of pure musical happiness, of magnificent guitar solos, of vertiginous drums descents, of pianissimos, of stops and restarts; A pure happiness!

This album "Get Closer", in addition to being a true jewel, is the album of maturity for Henrik Freischlader. It shows us again, if needed, that he largely deserves the title of "hope of the Blues" he’s been awared in Germany. Talking about reputation, Henrik Freischlader and his band have another one : that to propose scenic performances of very high level. Then why not seing it by yourself at the time of one of their shows in Switzerland :

- on October 10 in Dolder2 at 20h30

- on October 11 in Albani Music Club at 20h30

- on October 12 in Moonwalker Music Club at 21h00 with Paul Camilleri

- on October 13 in Bäckerstübli at 21h00

- on October 14 in Grütli the Club at 20h30