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About this site (and his creator)

Name : Bluescat      

Age : 37

Profession : complicated

Touched by the Blues in 1985.

Loves the Blues because it's the only music able to touch our soul.

Picture (nearly) actual

The blues exists in Switzerland! Bluescat saw it!


Despite this certainty, I noted that it was difficult for the Swiss amateur of Blues to have a total sight on the blues in our country.

And that it was even more difficult for those which take the initative to create concerts to succeed, sometimes for lack of public knowing that the concert existed or took place.


Thus was born the idea to create to propose a platform being used as bond between the actors and the listeners of the Blues in Switzerland, because together we will be stronger for saying: "The blues is alive!".


Your next Blues evening is only a click away from here...


Welcome to !

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